Just like a piece of real estate, a business is worth only what buyers will pay for it. When you’ve made the decision to exit your business, how do you ensure you’ll receive full wealth and value for something you’ve spent a large part of your life building?


In this interview with Business Essentials  magazine, Australia’s most respected exit strategy advisor Kerry Boulton shares the four steps to exiting your business successfully – Evaluate, Explore, Innovate, and Transition. She also discusses the primary value drivers that buyers take into consideration when acquiring other businesses, including not-so-obvious items such as future recurring revenue and key person risk.
Other expert advice from Kerry in this audio:
  • How to position your business for a strategic sale in which another company takes your business and merges it with theirs, creating a sum of parts that is greater than the whole and always one that is worth  top dollar.
  • How to identify hurdles to overcome, like keeping the business running well during the time you’re selling, so you don’t get caught with poor growth potential and disappearing buyers.
  • How to make the transition smoothly between the business you built from scratch and the extraordinary life you can create after you walk out the door

The best time to think about exiting your business is NOW . Turn around and face your business honestly because it’s only through measuring performance today that your business will sustain itself and you successfully in the future after your exit.

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