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How Much is My Business Worth?

Kerry Boulton, CEO and Founder of The Exit Strategy Group and NEXUS Business Coaching, is Australia’s most respected exit strategy advisor. With over 20 years in business as an entrepreneur, transformative coach and consultant, sought-after speaker and talented facilitator, Kerry wrote The Uncensored TRUTH About Exit Strategies to help as many business owners as she can to monetise the wealth that’s lying in their businesses.

The Uncensored TRUTH About Exit Strategies details how to build a strong and successful exit plan, which is an absolute must if you want to get full value from any sale. Kerry exposes and debunks many myths and gives you practical advice. She walks you through what most people don’t know – or refuse to believe – about the process of planning their exit.

Kerry believes exit planning is a process, not a destination. She helps you overcome challenges you’re likely to face as a business owner and most important, the steps to ensure you find financial freedom and do not become just another statistic.

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The Exit Strategy Group is a team of expert business consultants who are specialists in small business valuation in Melbourne. While it may be difficult to accept, you are unlikely to be the best person to decide how to calculate what your business is worth. It is much better to trust this important job to our expert consultants.

Accurate valuations are important, too. They’re what you need in order to set a realistic exit strategy goal. If you’re under the impression that your business is worth less than what it really is, you may set your sights too low. It hardly needs to be said what an awkward situation you’d be in if you valued your business too high.

How to Calculate What Your Business is Worth

If you have ever wondered how to calculate what your business is worth, a business evaluation from Melbourne based company The Exit Strategy Group is the easiest way to find out.

“I couldn’t begin to tell you how much time I wasted thinking about how to work out what my business is worth,” says Graham, owner of a business that leases equipment to mining companies in regional Victoria. “With help from The Exit Strategy Group, I now know how much my business is worth, which makes many things easier.”

Small Business Valuation

The Exit Strategy Group can help with small business valuation in Melbourne and other areas, and right now you can even book a free consultation, which is normally valued at $795. 

There is limited availability for this offer, so if you would like to get a free consultation with Australia’s most respected exit strategy advisor, make an appointment today. 

You can also request a free book written by exit strategy expert, Kerry Boulton. This book, titled The Uncensored Truth About Exit Strategies, contains answers to the 10 myths every business owner must know before creating their exit strategy. 

Calculating the value of a business requires more than just looking at the net worth or balance sheet. In the case of fixed assets, these are often written down by accountants at a lower depreciated value than their true worth. Some businesses are seriously under-valued by their owners because the owners consult only the numbers.

 Small Business Valuation Multiples

Another method people use to calculate small business valuation is multiples of earnings, but this isn’t necessarily an ideal method either. To be really helpful, business valuation methods need to be both holistic and realistic.

For example, think about the location of your business. It may be possible that there are plans by the local council or property developers to perform construction works in the area that could affect the potential value of your business.

If somebody builds a luxury resort next door to your property, it might have a positive impact on trade, even if your own business is a luxury resort. On the other hand, if a sewage treatment plant is constructed next door to your business, that may have a negative impact, and especially if your business is a luxury resort.

You can see that numbers alone don’t give the whole picture, and to be fully aware of the true value of your business, you do need to have the whole picture. Without it, at best you are looking into the past, and as every investment brochure tells you, past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

Business Valuation

The valuation of a business definitely requires insight from an expert in business valuation, and in Australia there is no better expert than Kerry Boulton of The Exit Strategy Group. Book your free consultation today and discover the real value of your business, the most important step in planning your exit strategy.

Are you ready for the future?

Exit strategy consultation is an important consideration for every business, and especially small business. The principal initial goal of this is to perform a thorough business evaluation. Melbourne business owners should consult The Exit Strategy Group for expert business exit advice.

Prepare for anything with multiple exit strategies

Having an exit strategy is essential, and ideally you should have multiple exit strategies to cover multiple scenarios, because your circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Knowing in advance how you will respond to each change of circumstance is quite empowering.

Business valuation is about more than just money

If I am a typical small business owner needing to know how to work out what my business is worth, where should I start? Well obviously the balance sheets for the past few years are a good benchmark, but there is much more to the value of your business than just its recent profits.

There can be all kinds of other things like physical assets, intellectual property, goodwill, and many other things.

Only a proper professional evaluation which thoroughly examines all the criteria from an expert point of view is going to be sufficient to give you a clear enough picture to make the correct decisions about your exit strategy scenarios.

We’re ready to help

The Exit Strategy Group is the right team to help you with this important task. Expert consultants, headed by author and exit strategy guru Kerry Boulton, they have the knowledge and experience to provide accurate valuations and quality advice.

Start a conversation today and learn about the many ways The Exit Strategy Group can help you prepare your business for whatever the future holds. With good planning and a positive attitude, you can handle just about anything.

The Exit Strategy Group can assist in working out how to calculate what your business is worth, how to value your business, business succession planning, how to sell a small business and transition planning.

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